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Jurgis Jonaitis - illustrator, comic book artist

Hello and welcome to my online portfolio. My name is Jurgis Jonaitis and I am an illustrator from Vilnius, Lithuania. Most of my works are detailed black and white illustrations, but occasionally I use colors as well. I like to draw portraits, buildings, dramatic and action scenes. Many artists influenced me over the years and I will mention just a few of them here - my father Giedrius Jonaitis, Nicolas Delort, Mateusz Urbanowicz, Mark Powell, Kim Jung Gi. I also enjoy looking at old masters like Giotto, Michelangelo, Raphael, Rembrandt and learning about art movements of the past. 

If you are interested in commissioning me or would like to ask something, feel free to contact me: jurgisjonaitis@yahoo.com